Are We Really Living In Bad Times?

It seems to me that we are always “living in bad times” and we’ve been relatively saying the same thing for generations. People have experienced; invasions, wars, plagues, recessions, viruses; the list is endless. But just because the world is in a pandemic does not mean that we have to be. We spend too much time worrying about the past (depression) and way too much time worrying about the future (anxiety).

Let’s all just STOP and focus on the here and now. (I suppose in some way this CODID-19 has facilitated that for so many of us).

Just for a moment; don’t look at your watch, don’t think about your dreams, don’t try and remember happy memories, don’t worry about bills or what people may or may not be saying about you. Yes, it can be relative in the grand scheme of things, however it does not have to consume you. Enjoy what’s in front of you (turn off the TV first) What I am saying is don’t get distracted. Look at your kids minding their own business, watch the trees flow with the wind, listen to the woodpigeons sing, feel your toes in their socks or in the slippers etc, focus on everything around you and take a couple of breaths.

We can share a little mindfulness in our own way. If we spend too much of our time focusing on the future trying to achieve our biggest goals in life, you will find that the months and years will pass us and we will literally say to ourselves “where did the time go, I cannot believe it is June already, it feels like Christmas was last month”

Don’t get wrapped up in business. Regardless if it is yours, a friend or your employers. Have some “you time” because you deserve it. Enjoy your life, don’t wait until you are older to enjoy it because you will not have your youth on side.

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