Here's what my clients have to say

"Gareth was amazing. Calm, confident and very reassuring.

He made me feel great during the session, gave me confidence that I can achieve my weight loss goal and reassured me that everything will be ok. The outcome was positive. He gave me the voice recording of the therapy that I listened to for 21 days leading up to our next session.”

-Hendrik D

"Gareth took the time to explore my anxiety with me.

He was curious, interested and I believed he had my best interest in mind, he wanted the session to work for me.

I gained insight into some of the reasons why the events from my childhood (not being seen, listened to, wanted, loved etc) have informed my approach to difficult situations. I have a tendency to ‘shut down’ to cope, to survive and not feel hurt. The session has lifted those beliefs.

Gareth was focused and able to lead the session without being too pushy. He kept the structure going and was able to move things forward well.”

-Catherine C

"I felt great afterwards, really relaxed and positive.

Gareth put me into hypnosis. Then he regressed me back to 4 scenes to find the root cause of my fear of public speaking. We then spoke about how these beliefs were based on the experience of a child and how they were no longer relevant to me.

I enjoyed the whole session but for me Role, Function, Purpose and Intention (RFPI) was really powerful. Especially when Gareth talked me through allowing the inner part of me that came up with the fear of public speaking to leave. I understand now that I no longer needed it.

I felt great afterwards, really relaxed and positive and felt like a weight had been lifted and that actually I can speak in public.

Gareth demonstrates a very good understanding of my issue, everything he spoke about during the session was very relevant.”

-Philippa G

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