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For those of you that have or remain to serve in the British Army do not worry, I am not going to give you a lesson on map reading. However, I feel that if you want to achieve goals after reaching rock bottom then this lesson is somewhat transferable to our day to day lives.

So a few days ago I was scrolling through Facebook (as you do), and I came across a post which stated “Rock bottom will teach you lessons that mountain tops never will” I do not know why, but I felt the need to challenge the post as I disagreed with it, so instead so I wrote a blog about it.

I will not hide the fact that I have been at rock bottom a couple of times. I would like to add that I have found an inner drive to pick myself up (which I knew that I already had). I would also like to point out that I believe that I have only learnt one thing about being at rock bottom, and that is “I do not like it there”. So ignoring the one lesson of where I do not like to be, I believe: being at the top of a mountain has taught me a lot more than being in the just above sea level (yeah, I know I am being literal here).

The point was for me when I was at rock bottom I was hypothetically looking at the top of the mountain and saying to myself, “I need to be there in order to move on”. I gave myself a goal to get up, climb the horrendous mountain and take a ‘life-bearing’. Once you have got on your feet, start walking, keep those legs moving because you are not there yet. But once you are up you can take stock of your life.

It only takes a few minutes to get to a position where you can see other mountain tops from the peak of your own, but that is only one of the first achievements, a big one, a milestone and it isn’t that difficult, dust yourself off, stand up and walk to the top of the nearest hill.

Now look around your environment, look at all the damage done and look past it, take note of other people’s achievements, look at the DISTANCE they have travelled from their “rock bottom” and give them a nod to what they have managed to attain. Now form a plan of how you can do the same, identify how you can move forward. Identify how hard life has knocked you down, do not forget that lesson, learn from it.

Whilst you stand on your mountain, pause, find your bearings look around yourself, identify your moral compass, identify north, and start to formulate a plan, what do you want in life, new car, better life, a business, or relationship, whatever it is focus on it and keep it in mind, make small goals and give yourself some DIRECTION. Identify what is achievable and focus on what you do to achieve it.

Look left and right, look for prominent points, look for inspiration or any CONVENTIONAL SIGNS which can aid you, charities, advice from others who have achieved their goals, government funding’s, anything which lights a little spark to help you find your way. Remember this is your way, you just need to find yourself first.

Now take another moment look around yourself, find others who have created something similar to what you want, and see how they have shaped their lives, business, companies. Give them credit and see how you can better it or create your own road, whatever the goals others have created it will be tailored to how they want it and like it, the RELIEF for them is the completion as their hard work has paid off and they are reaping the benefits.

Now stop focusing on others, focus on yourself, grow into an ALIGNMENT of what you need, desire. Your pathway starts now, you have climbed to the top of your mountain, acknowledged how others have moved forward. Now you have created your own goals and ideas you need to make the first step into formulating them, but you can only do that once you have aligned yourself. Communicate, network, start acting like you have already achieved your goal, get in the mind-set of the victor, the champion, the professional.

Now start doing the things you need to do, set up plans act on them change your immediate environment from your “rock bottom” to a successful individual who can achieve anything, look at your PROXIMITY and change what needs to change, create what was not there, start to build your own empire. Your only limitation is your imagination. You can do anything you put your mind to.

As you achieve your goal and everything is taking SHAPE, don’t stop, think to yourself, what’s next, start the process all over again but not from rock bottom, start it from your last achieved goal. Keep moving forwards. When you look over at other people, and when you see they are standing on their mountain after climbing up from their “rock bottom” give them some respect, because they are looking at what you have achieved, as they are standing on their mountain they will be nodding towards you and your successes, just like you have once done whilst in their shoes.

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