Duped By Depression

Let’s be honest with ourselves, people who are suffering from depression cannot just get better by deciding to do so. It’s like having a newborn child and expecting them to cite the alphabet. Despite your willingness to come out of your own state of mind, you simply will not be able to.

Depression is not the same as getting over a bad patch or feeling low (despite what some millennials may tell you). Clinical depression is a disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration inhibit everyday life for a prolonged time. Depression can result in self-harm and completing suicide. The moods you go through can either be extremely draining not only to the ‘depressee’ (yeah, I can make up my own words) but to loved ones tiptoeing around them.

Depression can be confusing for all parties, making you feel helpless and out of control. Depression offsets the equilibrium of life.

The onset of depression can be for various reasons. It is bloody hard to hide depression (not impossible), everyone feels they are disappointing one another. Homelife, work, or school can literally feel like a living hell.

The onset of depression usually occurs after a traumatic event such as a breakup/ divorce, death of a friend/relative, prolonged pain/major illness, medical conditions such as cancer/MS or the use of some drugs both prescribed, narcotics or alcohol (many people don’t realise that alcohol is a depressant), sleeping problems and so on.

However, you needn’t live with depression just because a doctor has labelled you with it. If you are shown the ability to use your inner strength and you have the drive to be healthy, happy and purposeful. With direction, you can bring acceptance and grace into your life, thereby showing beauty and joy both intrinsically and extrinsically.

I don’t like to medicate (this is not advice to anyone, only personal perspective) as I want to understand what state my body is going through at any given time. Therefore I strive to move forward and I am always searching for inner peace. But I could not have been on this path without the support of friends, family and of course, counsel. If you know someone who is suffering with depression, reach out, say hi, don’t ask them how they are, show them that you care.

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