My Most Productive Time of Day

Welcome, I have broken it down for you Elrod style. I get up early (the early bird catches the worm). This means that I have time to myself, I can focus on me and how I can improve my game. You will find most CEO’s do this, in fact nearly every self-help book I think I have ever read advises us to do this. Don’t say you don’t have time if you do not give yourself time. If you are too tired, then go to bed earlier…

So let’s look at this in 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Exercise.

Wake up with umphh in your step, go and give your head a wobble, 20 mins is enough to engage the brain and start to lose second chin… do some Insanity, go for a run, do a circuit with Joe Wicks. It does not matter how you raise your heart rate, just do it.

Step 2: Affirmations.

Have a shower and give yourself some Affirmations. Don’t make light heart of this, no one will love you if you cannot love yourself. Don’t tell me I am “full of shit”, even Arnold Schwarzenegger is very well known for giving himself positive affirmations. It’s not ‘gay’ it works.

Step 3: Silence.

Get out the shower (dry yourself) and sit somewhere comfy. Close your eyes and empty your thoughts (put Zen music on Alexa if need be and set a 10 min timer) listen to nothing or everything, listen to the traffic going past, the rain on the window, I would recommend concentrating on your breathing. Focus on having long or shallow breathing. Just sit in the moment without a distraction.

Step 4: Visualization.

Open your eyes. Think about what makes you happy and think about all the things you want to achieve in life, no need to write anything down (yet). Try and focus on what specifically you want; new car, house, happiness, promotion, whatever it is think about it and identify one thing you can do that day to make that ‘thing’ come a little closer to you achieving it.

Step 5: Scribing.

Write down everything you have done the day before. Write the positive thoughts and negative thoughts, remind yourself what your goals are and also what you plan to do that day to achieve this (the smallest steps are the most achievable and sometimes the most beneficial ones).

Step 6: Reading.

Note pad and pen down, now pick up that book, it does not matter if you are reading fiction or non-fiction, just read. 10 pages is enough for you to benefit from this.

I am sticking my neck on the line when I say this but I promise if you want a better life, then do these steps every day. It shouldn’t take you any more than an hour a day and you will benefit from this because the more you build your mind, body and soul the stronger your mind, body and soul will become. I have taken a leaf out of ‘The Miracle Morning” as it inspired me to share with you Hal’s steps.

I hope that this has helped you in some way. Remember, it’s not what you think but why you think it.

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