Where Is Your Bodyguard?

Who actually looks after you… Do you think you do? Let’s be honest for a moment, you are your own worst enemy, most of us cannot stand the sound of our own voice (have you heard yourself on a voice recorder?) We beat ourselves up when we do something wrong. We criticise ourselves when we underachieve our goals.

Do you blame your current situation on who you point your finger at regarding your failings? A pound to a pinch of salt says you have sabotaged yourself at some point in your life; however, you are not accountable for your actions.

Understandably there are a lot of questions here, but I invite you to ask yourself if this hypothetical person is actually you? Honestly, it used to be me.

But I asked myself an essential question. Who is my bodyguard? Think about it, if you were to see someone insult or assault your loved one (partner, friend, family member, etc.) What would you do, protect them right? I can presume you would go to the end of the earth to stop anyone from sabotaging your best mate, you would defend your mother or fathers name if you heard someone shaming them and I would like to guarantee that you would wade into a fight if your partner was getting a hiding.

If the last passage is correct then well done, you are the bodyguard to your loved ones and arguably your loved one will be your bodyguard, but they don’t protect you from evil little shit in the mirror. You absolutely need to be aware of their actions, employ a theoretical bodyguard who not only protects you but supports you and your life decisions no matter how large or small they are.

You are your own worst enemy because you have VIP access to every memory, every negative thought or emotion. You have instant access to even harmful or damaging events and you will hold yourself to ransom, you will bully yourself into submission before you can voice your plans.

However, the worst of it is when you make the decision to follow your dreams and try and drive forward. Your passenger (you, your chimp) is criticising your every step of the way, you hold yourself back and convince yourself to stop, give up or because…

There are ways to move on, to tell your back seat drive to bugger off. Don’t say “you are either with me or against me” because that ship has sailed. Employ a bodyguard to look after yourself, make and achieve your goals no matter how big or small they are, but do it with conviction, learn the art of mastering your thoughts, look after number one and believe in yourself.

The best way to achieve employing an inner bodyguard is to fall in love with life. If this blog resonates with you then drop me a line, give me a message and we can see about working together to succeed in making you a better version of yourself.

Let’s see about Remastering Your Mind.

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