Why do we have to label an individual’s trauma?

The way people define their problems will be defined and reflected on how a Doctor will diagnose and label a patients ‘condition’. The outcome of Doctors decision will then determine the patient’s future care, and rightly so. But, if a doctor is looking at the presenting symptoms, he will naturally draw a conclusion of a diagnosis, again rightly so.

Why do we need to be diagnosed/labelled to fit a description? Severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, bipolar… the list is endless. I am not trying to be controversial here and if you have a problem then go to the Dr, get medication (if that’s what you want) but why not just focus on the extreme basics. You have been subject to trauma, therefore you are reacting. Why not focus on the very BASIC ‘black and white’ literalness of it.

Do you think it may be better if you were to state to yourself; “I am reacting to a dramatic event”, I don’t need to be labelled, I can just understand that currently, I am having a terrible time and there are emotions which will spill out of said situation. I was once stable but now I am having an adverse reaction and my life been turned upside-down, (wouldn’t it be great if we could all think logically like this)? But when you are/were in a crisis, maybe you do need someone to explain the simplicities of it.

Hypnosis makes you look at yourself as an individual, highlighting you as your own subject matter expert. It places you into a mindset where you can rapidly learn and understand why your subconscious acts and reacts to the specific situation you were in. Hypnosis offers you an awareness as to why you are who you are and gives you an opportunity to change your perspective to become a better version of yourself (should you want it). This can stop depression, anxiety, obesity, OCD, PTSD… in hours. You name a problem with yourself, then you can eradicate it by the pure power of suggestion.

You are your own worst enemy, and only you can change if you want to. Don’t highlight your symptoms and suppress them. Don’t you think it is better to overcome them and move out of your current self-sabotaging thought processes?

However, should you choose to receive a diagnosis or take medication from a doctor or nurse, then that’s more than okay, because we all deal with things differently.

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